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Get a Loan Today helps you to find the money you need quickly from responsible lenders. Responsible lending means that lenders ensure that you can afford any loan offered, that all charges and interest rates are clearly set out, that lender are fully licensed and act in line with current UK lending regulations. We list lenders who can help in many financial circumstances including bad credit and those who have been turned down by other lenders.

Sensible Borrowing Responsible Lending.
You may have seen lenders who promise they can lend in any circumstances - including unemployed, very bad credit and where people clearly cannot afford to repay the loan. Not only is this unethical, it is also illegal. If you are already struggling with debt, it is very unwise to borrow more money, instead there are other agencies who may be able to help. Please see our Money Advice Page for more information. Many of these lenders who promise to lend under any circumstances are scam lenders, they do not offer you a loan but instead charge you an application fee for trying to find you a loan - which usually does not appear. You should pay no upfront fees to anyone promising to find you a loan, genuine lenders lend after carefully evaluating your circumstances and your ability to pay.